Shipping and tracking

Forlifedesign delivery times and prices

Orientis Gourmet is delivering all orders completed on ForlifeDesign to the countries mentioned below. All indicated prices are the minimum costs and depend on the weight of your parcel

If you have any questions related to your delivery please contact our customer service.


Forlifedesign shipping restrictions

No deliveries shall be made to a country which is not on the list. No delivery shall be made to post office boxes.

All orders delivered outside France may subject to possible local taxation and customs duty, which are entirely incumbent upon the buyer. Possible customs duty may be requested of you by the transporter at the time of delivery. This duty and these possible taxes linked to the delivery of a Product are incumbent upon you and are your responsibility.

In no event shall ORIENTIS GOURMET be required to bear additional expenses linked to the delivery of the order excluding costs of transport, described and invoiced at the time of the conclusion of your order on the Site.